Bampton, also called Bampton-in-the-Bush, is a village and civil parish in the Thames Valley about 4.5 miles (7.2 km) southwest of Witney in Oxfordshire. The parish includes the hamlet of Weald.

Bampton is sometimes described as a town, perhaps because it was a market town until the 19th century. It has both a Town Hall and a Village Hall.

The core of Bampton is sited on gravel terraces composed of Summertown-Radley or Flood Plain Terrace deposits.

The origins of Bampton go back to the Iron Age and Roman times. The earliest settlement was probably somewhat to the east of the centre of Bampton today, the triangular space known as Market Square.

Bampton was an important place in Saxon and medieval times.

US troops were billeted in Bampton at various times during the Second World War.

Bampton was used for exterior shots of the fictional village of Downton, North Yorkshire in ITV’s period drama TV series Downton Abbey.