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Stapleford is a town in the county of Nottinghamshire, England some 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) west of the centre of Nottingham.

The town is often referred to informally as “Stabbo”. Stapleford lies on the border between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Stapleford is part of Broxtowe Borough and the Broxtowe Parliamentary Constituency. From 1935 until 1974 Stapleford was paired with the town of Beeston in the Beeston and Stapleford Urban District, having previously been part of the Stapleford Rural District. The town was parished in 1987 and now has a town council.

Stapleford’s origins can be traced to before Norman times. In the churchyard of St Helen’s church is the Stone Cross which dates back to Saxon times and is said to be the oldest Christian memorial in the Midlands. Stapleford owed its development in part to its closeness to the River Trent and the River Erewash as the town became a central point for trade. The area also expanded during the late 18th century when the stocking hose trade thrived in the Midlands. Evidence of this history can be found today with the original Stocking Knitters Houses still standing alongside more modern properties and shops such as on Nottingham Road. The main crossroads in Stapleford at the junction of Nottingham Road, Derby Road, Toton Lane and Church Street is called The Roach. The name is from the time when French prisoners from the Napoleonic Wars were set the task of cutting through rock to create roads and this was referred to as the ‘La Roche’.

Stapleford is also home to the Hemlock Stone, which is situated on Stapleford Hill. It is approximately 200 million years old, dating back to the Triassic Period. Many theories surround why it exists.

A Sainsbury’s local was opened on the site of the former Total petrol station in 2007.

More recently it is the home of the Full Mash microbrewery, currently producing 5 BBL. The brewery regularly features in the Locale scheme.

Stapleford is connected to Nottingham, Derby and the M1 motorway by the A52.

Since late 2011 construction of a Light Rail (tram) line is progressing towards Stapleford via Beeston and Chilwell as part of the Nottingham Express Transit system. A park and ride station, to be called ‘Toton Lane Park & Ride’ is to be built about 1 mile south of Stapleford town centre, and adjacent to some residential areas of the town.

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