Oxford, Worcester College

Street Map

Historic building in Oxford.

Listing Info South range, with Pump Quadrangle and old kitchen: Consists of 4 blocks of camerae containing 6 chambers in all, built in Wheatley stone at various times in C15 for various Benedictine monasteries; certain remodelling took place in early C19.

Listing Info North range: On North-East is a range of C15 camerae now converted to Senior Common Room and rooms.

Listing Info Gateway to Walton St: Built in C15 on North East site in boundary wall on Walton Street with 3 shields of arms of the Abbeys of Winchcombe, St Albans and Ramsey on it.

Listing Info Main block: Built 1720-86, possibly to design of Dr George Clarke with Hawksmoor’s “approval”; for parts William Townesend was mason.

Listing Info Screen wall and gates to Beaumont St: C18. Dwarf stone wall with wrought-iron screen. Wrought-iron double gates with overthrow.

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