Oxford, University Museum of Natural History

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Historic building in Oxford. University Museum, 1855-60 by Sir Thomas Deane and Benjamin Woodward; abutting to the rear the Pitt Rivers Museum of 1885-6 by T N Deane & Son. The main UNIVERSITY MUSEUM comprises a façade reminiscent of a Flemish cloth hall, with side wings which together form three sides of the spectacular glazed hall which houses most of the main exhibits. The PITT RIVERS MUSEUM, a large pitched-roof hall, is windowless to the north where the wall carries tall, blind, arcades and is pierced by a single, gothic, doorway. To the east it abuts the Human Anatomy building, while to the south the angle between it and the University Museum is infilled by the Pitt Rivers extension and a new staircase (neither included in the listing), both completed c2007. Together this forms one of the most significant and carefully detailed museum complexes of the mid-late C19, as well as being a seminal monument to Oxford’s scientific awakening.

Oxford, Museum of Natural History

Oxford, Museum of Natural History


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