Oxford, Trinity College

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Historic college in Oxford.

Listing Info Durham Quadrangle West Range. Hall and Buttery, 1618-20 in Stuart Gothic. North and South walls are in part C14.

Listing Info Durham Quadrangle North Range. Rebuilt, 1728; William Townesend, mason. North elevation altered to match Garden Quadrangle 1958-60.

Listing Info Durham Quadrangle East Range. 1417-21 as part of Durham College. Old Library on 1st floor includes C15 stained glass and bookcases and fittings of 1618. Attics added 1602, the dormers modern.

Listing Info Durham Quadrangle South Range. Palladian Chapel with West tower and gateway 1691-4, to designs ascribed to Dean Aldrich in consultation with Wren; William Townesend and Bartholomew Peisley, masons. In Headington stone but tower and porch refaced in Bath stone.

Listing Info Durham Quadrangle Kitchen (On North West). 1676-7 with top storey of C18.

Listing Info Garden Quadrangle North Range. 1665 design of Wren, the mason being Thomas Strong of Taynton. Top storey added and windows altered 1802.

Listing Info Garden Quadrangle West Range. 1682 in the same design as north range. A storey added 1802 and windows altered. An extension to North, 1864.

Listing Info Gate-piers and grille on Parks Road. In the East wall, on Parks Road, are stone gate piers and a grille, 1713, possibly by William Townesend.

Oxford, Trinity College

Oxford, Trinity College



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