Oxford, St John’s College

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Historic college in Oxford.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle, West Range: c1480-90, with restored gatehouse

Listing Info Front Quadrangle, South Range: 1439, with later additions

Listing Info Front Quadrangle, North Range, including Chapel and Hall: Chapel consecrated 1550, Baylie chapel added on North-East angle, 1662-9. The whole remodelled by Edward Blore, 1843. Hall’s East part built 1502, additions and modifications 1616, 1743, 1935. West part C15 with cellar below, probably that of previous hall of St Bernard’s College, 1437.

Listing Info Holmes Building (to South of Old Library), 1794.

Listing Info North Quadrangle, Senior Common Room: North of chapel, 1676.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle, East Range: 1539-c1555.

Listing Info Canterbury Quadrangle: 1631-36 by Laud, originally in Headington stone and incorporating old library of 1596-8 in South range.

Listing Info North Quadrangle, Cook’s Building: Kitchen extending North along street front added c1555 and retains some C15 work. Englarged 1612, rebuilt 1642-3.


Oxford, St John's College

Oxford, St John’s College

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