Oxford, Pembroke College

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Historic college in Oxford.

Listing Info South Wall, Brewer St (between St Aldate’s St and Littlegate St): repaired; wall under chapel rebuilt 1728

Listing Info Main Quadrangle, North Range including Library and North Wing: 1673 (gatehouse 1694), refaced and remodelled 1830.

Listing Info Main Quadrangle, East Range: 1626-1670 and later; by William Edward, Thomas Knight, John Townesend.

Listing Info Master’s Lodging: early C16 former almshouses, altered on N 1834 by H J Underwood.

Listing Info Part of Staircase 16: Early C17 (altered C18).

Listing Info Main Quadrangle, West Range: 1626 (refaced 1829-30).

Listing Info Main Quadrangle, South Range and Chapel: 1626; to W is Chapel, by William Townesend, 1728-32, in Headington stone.

Oxford, Pembroke College

Oxford, Pembroke College

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