Oxford, Oriel College

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Historic building in Oxford.

Listing Info Front quadrangle, North and East ranges: Built 1637-42. Including Hall (which has a fireplace 1778 and panelling of 1911 by Comper), Chapel (which includes glass of 1767 by William Peckett and a gallery 1884 by T G Jackson), Kitchen (new kitchen added 1920) and Buttery which retains panelling of 1710). The range in the North West corner (now Provost’s Lodging) was built either in circa 1620 or circa 1637.

Listing Info Front quadrangle, South range: Built circa 1622.

Listing Info Front quadrangle, West range: Built 1620-22.

Listing Info Back quadrangle, North range: Library 1788 by James Wyatt, architect, and Edward Edge, mason, in Windrush stone with some Northleigh hardstone, Headington ashlar and Bibury stone. The Senior Common Room on the ground floor was fitted in 1796.

Listing Info Back quadrangle, South range:

Listing Info Back quadrangle, East range: Robinson Building, 1720 by William Townesend in Headington stone, subsequently patched in Clipsham stone.

Listing Info Back quadrangle, West range: Carter Building, 1729, now partly Provost’s Lodging.

Listing Info St Mary’s quadrangle, North range (Rhodes Building): GII*  built between 1909 and 1911 to the designs of Basil Champneys (1842-1935) in a bold Jacobethan style.

Listing Info St Mary’s quadrangle, South range: The West part is mid C15 and the East part (Hall and Chapel of St Mary’s College and now the JCR and Junior Library) was rebuilt 1639-40.

Listing Info St Mary’s quadrangle, East range: The South part was rebuilt circa 1743 but retains the medieval East wall and was reconditioned circa 1938.The South part was rebuilt circa 1743 but retains the medieval East wall.

Listing Info St Mary’s quadrangle, West range: Rebuilt circa 1446; the North part of the West wall may represent this work. Almost entirely “gothicised” circa 1825 to the design of D Robinson.

Oxford, Oriel College

Oxford, Oriel College

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