Oxford, New College

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Historic college in Oxford.

Listing Info Great Quadrangle, West Range: Range on West on Queens Lane, is partly C16; bridge over lane 1676 (restored).

Listing Info Cloister (to W of Chapel): 1395-1400 in Wheatley stone (restored).

Listing Info Garden Quadrangle, North Range: The Chequer on NW, added to Bursary 1449, given upper floor c1480; block E of the Chequer 1682-3 by William Byrd (refaced 1928-31); recessed block at E end 1707 by William Townesend.

Listing Info Garden Quadrangle, Iron Screen: Closing E end of Garden Quadrangle, and leading to garden; gates by Thomas Robinson of London, 1711.

Listing Info Great Quadrangle, South Range

Listing Info Great Quadrangle, North Range Hall, Kitchen and Chapel. East, starts on an undercroft (reconstructed 1722, William Townesend); roof, 1865, to design of Sir Gilbert Scott, based on original. Kitchen to E of Hall, c1386; chapel on W, late C14 (restored); sacristy and music room on N probably C15 (restored).

Listing Info Bell Tower: on site of a bastion of the city wall on N of cloister, 1396-1405 in Headington hardstone with Taynton and Barrington freestone.

Listing Info Garden Quadrangle, South Range: W part, 1682-3 by William Byrd; E block 1700.

Listing Info Great Quadrangle, East Range: Muniment Tower at N end, C14 with some C14 stained glass; old library on 1st floor remodelled 1778 by Wyatt.

Listing Info Warden’s Barn: c1402, retaining original roof timbers, some C16 windows and doorways; stone connecting bridge over New College Lane.

Listing Info Longhouse: S of S range of Garden Quadrangle, built in late C14 as the ‘necessary room’, later adapted but retains original roof.

Listing Info Gardens: C16 and later

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