Oxford, Merton College

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Historic college in Oxford.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle North Range. Consists of gatehouses built circa 1418 with a range to East rebuilt in 1590 and a range to West built in 1631. In 1836-41 Edward Blore refaced the gate-tower, the street and West sides in Bath stone. The block to the East of the range was built circa 1300; it was partly rebuilt early in Cl9 but the original roof timbers remain, now exposed in the restoration of 1971.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle South Range: Fitzjames Gateway. Built circa 1500, restored 1905. Gatehall has original vaulting.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle Sacristy (to South-East of Chapel). Built 1300-11, restored 1886.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle Chapel (to North-West of Front Quadrangle) SP 5106 SE 9/480B 12.1.54. I 2. The pre-existing church of St John Baptist served as chapel in 1274. Choir of new chapel built 1290-24 in Wheatley stone with some from Iffley and Cowley; contains notable stained glass of circa 1300. In 1330-35 the crossing was built and in 1368 the South transept, the windows of this being altered in C15. North transept, 1419-25. Bell-Tower built in 1448-51 in Headington and Taynton stone, Robert Jannyngs being the mason until 1449. West window is late C15. Chapel restored by Edward Blore, 1838-43 and again by Butterfield in 1854. The whole re-faced 1970-1.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle South Range Hall. The Hall in centre with the Fitzjames gateway on East. Retains part of original C13 wall at West end; the archway at West end, leading to sacristy, was built 1508-21. The hall largely rebuilt by James Wyatt, 1790-4 and restored or rebuilt in 1872-4 by Sir Gilbert Scott. The original door with good ironwork remains.

Listing Info Mob Quadrangle North Range. Built possibly in 1336. Has some windows of C15, C16 and c17 and staircase of C17.

Listing Info Mob Quadrangle South and West Ranges SP 5106 SE 9/480C 12.1.54 1. 2. Contains library and built 1371-8 in Elsfield and Bladon stone, the mason being William Humbervyle; dormers added circa 1623. On North West is vaulted passage way built 1378. Library has staircase circa 1600 in South West Angle and another late C18 one on the North; the roof 1503 and fittings circa 1600 to 1623. A restoration by Scott in 1870.

Listing Info Mob Quadrangle East Range. Built 1308-9 with some windows since restored. Includes on North the Treasury with a gabled Taynton stone roof and vaulting.

Listing Info Fellows’ Quadrangle SP 5106 SE 9/480J 12.1.54. I 2. Built 1608-10 in Headington stone, John Acroyd of Halifax being chief mason and Thomas Holt, carpenter. Battlements added 1622. The SCR in West range made 1671; it contains panelling and fireplace of 1680. In North face of South range is a notable centrepiece of the 4 orders.

Oxford, Merton College

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