Oxford, Lincoln College

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Historic college in Oxford.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle, Butter: N of hall, 1436-7

Listing Info Front Quadrangle, Old Rector’s Lodging: S of Hall, 1465-70.

Listing Info Chapel Quadrangle, East Range and Chapel: 1629-31; Chapel includes notable stained glass by Bernard Van Linge; the roof c1701; S and E sides are in Bath stone.

Listing Info Library: Former Parish Church, rebuilt in Headington stone 1707-8 to Palladian design of Dean Henry Aldrich (restored). A very important early Palladian design, divorced from the London Manner of Burlington and Kent.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle, Hall: 1436-7 (restored).

Oxford, Lincoln College

Oxford, Lincoln College

Listing Info Front Quadrangle, South Range: 1479

Listing Info Chapel Quadrangle, West Range: 1608-9; refaced on Turl Street and battlements added 1824.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle – North, East and West Ranges: Mostly 1437; refaced on TurI Street and battlements added 1824, those on the tower being removed in 1966.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle, Kitchen North-East of Hall: c1436-7 with connecting range probably C17.

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