Oxford, Keble College

Street Map

Historic college in Oxford.

Listing Info Front (or North) Quadrangle: To N is Chapel; another added to S of it in 1892 designed by Micklethwaite; to S is Hall and Library; on W are the Liddon Buildings; N range has extension on W, by Rayson, 1956, and, matching,  N of the Clock Tower 1966.

Listing Info Pusey (or South) Quadrangle:  contains clock tower, bursary, rooms and Warden’s Lodgings.

Listing Info De Breyne and Hayward Buildings: Block of 82 study bedrooms, common room and related facilities. 1971-7 by Ahrends, Burton and Koralek, job architect Graham Anthony; engineers Ove Arup and Partners. Honey-coloured brick exterior to Blackhall Road, with paviours to covered walkway, blockwork inner walls, and brown acrylic-painted aluminium patent glazing with bronze tinted glass to internal quad. The plan resembles a snake which slowly uncoils down Blackhall Road, the block descending in height as it does from five storeys to one.

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