Oxford, Jesus College

Street Map

Historic college in Oxford.

Listing Info First Quadrangle, West Range: Contains Kitchen (on South), Buttery and Hall, c1617 with modern top storey and battlements; Buttery and Kitchen re-modelled after a fire in 1913.

Listing Info North Range, Principal’s Lodging: c1625 by Thelwall; gables replaced by embattled parapet 1733-41; additions 1886; S front refaced in Clipsham stone in 1920.

Listing Info Inner Quadrangle, South Range: East half c1635, W half 1676; S front refaced.

Listing Info Inner Quadrangle, West Range: South part with Library finished 1679; the South end remodelled; N part finished c1713; W front refaced.

Listing Info North Range, Chapel: 1617-36, restored by G E Street in 1869 in Bath stone.

Listing Info First Quadrangle, East Range: late C16, by Price and has in the centre the gatehouse; battlements and third storey added 1815; E face refronted by J C and C A Buckler in Bath stone in 1854 when the gate tower was heightened.

Listing Info First Quadrangle, South Range: E part late C16, by Price, the remaining part to the West being then occupied by the pre-existing White Hall, which was replaced circa 1617 by the present build. Refaced 1835 in Bath stone.

Listing Info Inner Quadrangle, North Range: E half c1625; W half c1713. N front largely refaced.

Listing Info Inner Quadrangle, East Range: Contains Hall, Buttery and Kitchen circa 1617 with Buttery and Kitchen remodelled after 1913.

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