Oxford, Corpus Christi College

Street Map

Historic college in Oxford.

Listing Info Sundial: 1581, designed by Turnbull; restored.

Listing Info Cloister Quadrangle, Cloister: rebuilt 1706-12 by Townesend; modern additions.

Listing Info Cloister quadrangle, Fellows’ Building: 1706-16, probably by Townsend; ironwork of gateway, 1782; patched.

Listing Info Gentlemen Commoners’ Buildings: rebuilt 1737; refaced.

Listing Info Hall: original roof; repanelled 1700, screen by Richard Smith to Townesend’s designs.

Listing Info Chapel: refitted and extended to W 1675-6.

Listing Info Library: includes upper floor doorways and fittings of 1604.

Listing Info Front Quadrangle, North and West Ranges, and East Range; c1514; embattled parapet 1625; N&S walls carried up to mask the attics, 1737; partly refaced; E range altered.


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