Oxford, Christ Church

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Historic college in Oxford.

Listing Info Great Quadrangle, Mercury Fountain: Round stone basin. Stone pedestal designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1935. Bronze figure of Mercury acquired in 1928.

Listing Info Library: 1716-61, by Clarke and Townesend in Headington and Burford (Taynton) stone; partly renewed; refaced.

Listing Info Wall and screen facing Oriel Square in the North-east corner of the College: C18, probably by Aldrich.Stone wall punctuated by piers and wrought-iron screens and a small triumphal arch type doorway.

Listing Info The Great (or Tom) Quadrangle: W and S sides 1526, by Lubbyns and Redmayne; N range c1668 (refaced); upper part of Tom Tower, 1681-2 by Wren. Restored.  E side c1546, mainly refaced; N late C17, refaced and altered; Kill Canon Gate, late C17, raised C19; ante-room between tower and hall mainly early C16; hall on 1st floor, 1529, with C19 parapet and pinnacles, restored; wrought-iron lamp-brackets; raised footpath round the Quadrangle (remains of Cloisters).

Listing Info Peckwater Quadrangle: Palladian, 1706-11, by Aldrich and Townesend, incorporating earlier work, refaced; block to SW of W range C17, remodelled and refaced; wrought-iron lamp brackets.

Listing Info Canterbury Quadrangle: 1773-83, by Wyatt.

Listing Info Gardens: C16 and later college gardens and quadrangles, with adjacent meadow surrounded by ornamental walks.

Christ Church, Oxford

Christ Church, Oxford


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