Oxford, All Souls College

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Historic college in Oxford.

Listing Info Front (or South) Quadrangle, including the Chapel and the South-East range on the High Street: c1440 and chapel 1442, in Headington stone with Taynton Stone dressings by Chevynton and Jannys. SE range, 1553 by John Warner. Refaced.

Listing Info Warden’s Lodging: 1704 by  Clarke; partially remodelled, refaced and extended.

Listing Info Hall, Kitchen, Buttery and Passage between Hall and Kitchen: 1730-41 by Hawksmoor; Townesend and Peisley.

Listing Info East and West Ranges of the North Quadrangle: 1716, by Hawksmoor; North block 1720-48, by Townesend; refaced on street side.

Listing Info Codrington Library: N range of N Quadrangle; begun 1716; by Hawksmoor, Townesend and Peisley; altered.

Oxford, All Souls College

Oxford, All Souls College

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