Hugh Town, Isles of Scilly

Street Map

Hugh Town (Cornish: Tre Huw) is the main settlement on the Isles of Scilly. The town is situated on the island of St. Mary’s It is located on a narrow isthmus which joins the peninsula known as The Garrison with the rest of the island of St. Mary’s.

Hugh Town’s main street is the main shopping area on the islands and business is quite reliant on tourism. There are also banks, hotels, pubs and a small hospital in the town. There are several beaches. A notable building is the Star Castle, now a hotel.

The main quay of St. Mary’s is located in Hugh Town. The Scillonian III ferry to Penzance  and the Gry Maritha cargo vessel use the quay.

St. Mary’s Airport is located just outside Hugh Town. From there, there are regular flights by helicopter to Penzance, and by 16-seater light aircraft to St Just, Cornwall.

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