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Cinderford is a small town on the eastern fringe of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England. A population of 8,116 people is recorded in the 2001 census.

The town is relatively young, coming into existence in the 19th century, following the rapid expansion of the local iron and coal industries.

A visual clue to Cinderford’s origins can be seen in the style and layout of the town; with long rows of identical terraced housing; similar to many found in towns of the South Wales Valleys, that also developed around the coal mining industry. During the decline of the coal industry, in the 1950s and 1960s, Cinderford suffered more than Coleford, the other main town of the Forest, as it had fewer other industries to fall back on.Today, Cinderford is home to a wide variety of industry, including light and heavy industry.

When Woolworth’s closed, the town suffered. Bom dia opened to sell the same products as Woolworth’s.Other notable shops in Cinderford are Beals Department Store, The Co-op & Lidl.

Cinderford’s High Street and Belle Vue Road lie on the A4151, which links with the A48 (Gloucester-Chepstow road) to the east.

In former times, Cinderford had a railway station, but this was axed as part of the Beeching cuts of the 1960s. A new Parkway station to serve the town is proposed for development at Newnham, and would be serviced by trains on the Maesteg-Cheltenham Spa services.

Freeminer Brewery is a brewery based at Steam Mills. It produces of range of traditional ales. The Freeminer name comes from the ancient right to mine coal or iron in the Royal Forest of Dean.

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