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Chickerell is a small town and parish in the West Dorset district of Dorset, England. The parish has a population of 5,282 (2001).

Although Roman remains have been found, indicating that there has been settlement in the area for many years, as a modern town, Chickerell is recent and one of Dorset’s newest towns. Chickerell has seen much development over the last twenty years.

The parish of Chickerell has to the west the Fleet lagoon, East Fleet and Langton Herring. To the north-west is Portesham, to the east Weymouth, and to the south the Isle of Portland. Chesil Beach runs alongside to the west of the village which is part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. A major attraction in Chickerell is the Bennetts Water Gardens which is situated next to Chickerell Downs, a Woodland Trust wood.

Chickerell is a civil parish. Its parish council is Chickerell Town Council.  For local government elections, Chickerell returns three councillors for the West Dorset District Council, and one councillor, for the Chickerell & Chesil Bank ward, to Dorset County Council. Chickerell is situated within the West Dorset parliamentary constituency.

Chickerell’s population of 5,290, as of the 2001 census, comprises 2,540 males and 2,750 females.

Historical population of Chickerell
Year 1921 1931 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 2001
Population 1,130 1,320 2,450 2,300 3,300 3,680 4,160 5,280
Source: Census 1921–2001

There are two industrial estates: Granby Industrial Estate and the Lynch Lane Industrial Estate. Blundell Harling Ltd, BHC Aerovox Ltd, DEK Printing Machines Ltd, Tecan Components Ltd, Ultra Electronics, Weymouth Land Registry are some of the area’s major employers.

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