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Brampton is a small market town and civil parish within the City of Carlisle district of Cumbria, England about 9 miles (14 km) east of Carlisle and 2 miles south of Hadrian’s Wall. It is situated off the A69 road which bypasses it. Brampton railway station, about a mile outside the town itself, is located on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway.

Brampton is close to the Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site.

St Martin’s Church is famous as the only church designed by the Pre-Raphaelite architect Philip Webb, and contains one of the most exquisite sets of stained glass windows designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, and executed in the William Morris studio.

The town was founded in the 7th century as an Anglian settlement.

During the Jacobite Rising of 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed in the town for one night, marked by a plaque on the wall of the building (a shoe shop) currently occupying the location; here he received the Mayor of Carlisle who had ridden to Brampton to surrender the city to the Young Pretender. The Capon Tree Monument outside the town centre was the scene of the 1746 hanging of six of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s supporters.

In 1817 the Earl of Carlisle built the octagonal Moot Hall, which is in the centre of Brampton and houses the Tourist Information Centre. It replaced a 1648 building which was once used by Oliver Cromwell to house prisoners.

Much of Brampton consists of historic buildings built of the local red sandstone.

William Howard School is host to “Brampton Live” every summer, an ever-growing music festival that has, since its first appearance in 1995, become the largest folk/roots/world music festival in the North of England. Many business and residential lines in the Brampton area retain four digit telephone numbers – this is the only part of the UK where such short numbers are still in use. Consequently databases often incorrectly place the last seven of the area code in front of the subscribers number e.g. 01697 75555 instead of the correct 016977 5555.

In 2011, Brampton became the 66th town in the UK to gain Walkers are Welcome status. This innovative new community-led scheme demonstrates Brampton’s commitment to making your walking visit an enjoyable one.

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