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Bottesford is a small town and civil parish in North Lincolnshire, England.

The town is joined to southern Scunthorpe, and is defined by the B1501 road to the north and Bottesford Beck to the south. The River Trent lies to the west, with a boundary line approximately along Grammar School Walk, Richmond Close and Winchester Way to the east. Bottesford parish includes the hamlet of Yaddlethorpe, and Bottesford Moor.

In the 2001 census, Bottesford’s population was recorded as 11,177.

Bottesford is written in Domesday as “Budlesford”, and until the 20th century it was a small farming village.

The Grade I listed Anglican parish church is dedicated to St. Peter ad Vincula The church is Early English and cruciform in plan, built on the site of an earlier Saxon church. It was restored in 1870; during restoration were found two Saxon sundials that were incorporated into the south porch. Queen Elizabeth II visited the parish on her Golden Jubilee tour in July 2002.

Local landmarks include Bottesford Beck, and Bottesford Preceptory where it is said that the Knight’s Templar of St John made a base.

There is a library and medical centre on Cambridge Avenue. The local secondary school, the Frederick Gough School, opened in 1960 as Ashby Grammar School.

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