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Bingham is a market town in the Rushcliffe borough of Nottinghamshire, England.

With a population of around 9,000 people it lies about nine miles east of Nottingham, a similar distance south-west of Newark-on-Trent and west of Grantham. It is situated where the A46 (the old Fosse Way) intersects the A52. Every Thursday Bingham holds a market in the centre of the town, there is also a farmers’ market on the third Saturday of each month held in the Market Place.

Bingham is largely a dormitory town to Nottingham, however it does retain its own distinct character and there is some employment in the town consisting of approximately 20 industrial units each employing at least 10 people, plus numerous other offices and shops in the area. Bingham also provides shopping, medical and other services to those living in the surrounding villages.

Bingham is twinned with Wallenfels in Bavaria, Germany. In the past music groups have visited to and from the twinned towns, and a beer festival is held in Bingham every year.

The south east of Nottinghamshire traditionally formed the wapentake of Bingham. The Romans built a city at Margidunum (Bingham) and a settlement at the river crossing at Ad Pontem (East Stoke) on the Fosse Way that joined Isca (Exeter) to Lindum (Lincoln).

Bingham has expanded vastly since the 1950s with the majority of the housing being relatively new. Most of the more historic buildings (including the Church of St. Mary and All Saints, Bingham, the oldest) being in the centre. Approximately 500 houses are now being built bordering the A52 Grantham Road and the existing Mill Hill estate. There have been concerns that the 1000+ people who will move into these new houses will require more and improved services which so far the local councils are proving reluctant to provide, despite vast amounts of money being raised for the exchequer from the sale of the land to developers which was in public ownership.

Another 1000 houses are planned to be built as part of ‘Future Bingham’, North of the Railway line.

The A46, to the west of the town, is currently being upgraded to grade-separated dual-carriageway, which will increase traffic flow on the road, travelling in a much safer environment. The Widmerpool-Newark Improvement has been diverted to the west of the former Roman town to preserve the archaeology.

There are also six public houses in the town :

  • The Moot House
  • The White Lion
  • The Horse and Plough
  • The Bingham (currently undergoing refurbishment – Feb 2012)
  • The Crown, in the Market Place (currently undergoing refurbishment – Feb 2012)
  • The Chesterfield at Bingham.

Bingham was a location in Midlands film director Shane Meadows’ film Twenty Four Seven, which contained scenes shot at Toot Hill top field, The Linear Walk and Bingham Boxing Club. Bingham has also been in two episodes of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, as well as some episodes of Crossroads, Woof! and Boon.

Robot Wars series 3, Jungle Run and scenes from Shane Meadows’ 2006 film This is England were filmed nearby on the former RAF Newton site.

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