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I’m known as Clanger.  An exonym which might have been worse: cobbler, pancaker, concrete cow…  It might have something to do with clangers dropped, some of them on Flickr, where I have posted thousands of photos of English towns.  (Officially) England’s Best Buildings, humblingly, now has the remarkable membership of several thousand.

I’m the part-time editor of English Towns, a project which I hope will grow to provide intelligent information, inspiration and interaction.  It may well feel like writing a book, but with the luxury of publishing small parts in a random order!  I can’t sell the book, but hope to provide a valuable service and eventually see a return on investment for my small business.

I’ve learned to appreciate our own back garden, here in England.  I hope it will be fun to share.

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No responsibility can be taken for any error or omission on this site, but please contact us so that we can put it right.

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To get us started, we are sourcing a lot of information from Wikipedia.  Hopefully, this will be taken in a spirit of give and take.  I’ve contributed to Wikipedia myself, including the first list of Grade I listed buildings available online (by county), and have donated.  I’ve also allowed my Flickr photographs to be used free by countless people ranging from the author of a personal history of Post Offices, via small design companies and the Independent, through to the United Nations…